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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  December 15, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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>> good evening. the drum beat to raise taxes on the wealthy is getting louder. with the state facing another round of budget cuts the rich are seen as one way to make end meet. capitol correspondent is on the unwanted attention california
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millionaire are getting in sacramento. >>reporter: protestors represent areing the poor disabled and elderly. express anger and frustration at the capitol steps for another round of deep budget cuts. >> foaming at the mouth mad. >>reporter: sheila subsidize medical coverage and in-home care are being reduced and she asked why wealthy californians are unaffected. >> i have heard so much share the burden. well, we have been taking the whole burden and they are not taking any. >>reporter: new poll out by the california federation of teacher found overwhelming support. 67 percent for a higher tax when it hits anyone making 1 million dollars or more. in order to restore education and other services. >> for every dollar made over 1 million dollars, the millionaire provide 3 cents and for every dollar over two million dollars they provide for 2 more cents out of that dollar. we need to reif you
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said and provide the money to the priorities of california. >>reporter: capitalizing on the mood there's a race to the november 2012 election to get a tax measure on the ballot. in addition to half percent sales tax governor brown plan taxes higher earner for 5 years. for anything over 250,000 dollars. californians would fork over 123 dollars a year. our children our future raze raises taxes on all income level except the poorest. the committee wants to extend state wide sales tax to services which would take another 2 88 dollars a year from an average consumer. and the afternoon california an would not pay any more upped the cft millionaire tax measure which is working with the coalition called restore california. >> so you keep attacking the people that are you know have business. that's not going to help employment. >>reporter: governor brown hopes only one or 2 measures
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actually make it to the ballot. californians last approved a millionaire tax in 2004. 1% to help fundamental health services. in sacramento, abc 7 news. short time ago the planning commission in san francisco approved the environmental impact report for the america cup sailing race. board of supervisors is expected to vote on the report early next year. members of the san francisco bay keeper group argued that more analysis is needed. organizers say swift approval is critical and necessary improvement to the city waterfront in time for the races to be held in 2013. >> tagger get target entered san jose. dozens of graffiti vandal under arrest after massive bust. several gang members who left the mark on the city in an especially destructive way. story tonight from corrina. >> this is a video that tagging crew boldly posted on you tube. the moniker stands for have you seen us?
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you probably have. san jose police say the gang is responsible for about half of the graffiti around the city. they go on bombing run. stuffing backpack with spray cans, gloves and pre-written slap tag. >> they will good out and cover as much territory as they can and put as much paint up anywhere and everywhere they can along with the slap tag and whatever ivrping they can get out. >>reporter: police arrested 4 suspects and charged them with some 60 counts of felony vap vapdism. investigators say this crew was responsible for at least 50,000 dollars in property damage in the last three months. and qualify for a gang enhancement. >> they are greater than 3. their activities are felony conduct. and they are doing these actions for the further answer of the criminal street gang. >>reporter: bill and his willow street business are repeat victims of gang graffit graffiti. >> it's as close to being robbed as i can guess is the emotional reaction. it's a
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violation. >>reporter: application say the taggers get a thrill out of literally defacing entire cities. >> they want people to know that the crew was out there and the crew is tagging everywhere. >>reporter: prison time though may the kind of attention they don't want. budget cuts made it harder the fight gang graffiti in san jose but the latest operation resulted in 50 arrest and despite limited resources, the department is not letting up. >> i think you sue see the message being september to the tagging crew throughout not only will we still investigate but you also will be charged with a gang enhancement. >>reporter: with those enhancement and multiple felony counts the deputy district attorney tell me the 4 defendants could face sentences ranging from 12 to 30 years in prisonth this is 7 news. cocoa jewish community center in walnut creek closing the doors tomorrow. family of 70 children suddenly searching for new preschool programs.
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senior and adult day care also displaced. the center sent a letter to the members telling them about the closure yesterday. 27-year-old center has been struggling financiall financially. last week the board decided to lay off the staff and sell the property. is there is new research showing nearly half of america public schools did not meet federal chiefment standards this year. in other words, they did not make enough progress under the controversial no child left behind law. education reporter lee ann explains what is happening. >>reporter: every year test scores at mel rose leadership academy in oakland go up. school even has a chart showing its progress. yet they fall short of meeting their goal under the requirements of the no child left behind act. >> we are many in the eyes of the federal government not an achieving school. >>reporter: because mel rose didn't meet the target for the past 5 years, it has been classifieds a program improvementok school. they are not the only ones that did not
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make the adequate yearly progress this year. under no child left behind 48 percent of schools in america failed to meet that goal in 2011. california had worse numbers with 66 percent of public schools not hitting their target. california schools are making less progress in part because of english language learners. >> we have students that are just acquiring the language that may came to the u.s. when they were in fourth or fifth grade. with no english. and then expected to be fluent in english at the level of an english only student. >>reporter: over time 100 percent of american schools will be declared failing under no child left behind. linda has been a toppled indication advisor to president obama. she says no child left behind needs to be changed because it no longer works as adequate measurement system. law should have been rewritten 4 years ag
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ago. >> it's app impossible metric to meet. the more you get close to the 2014 target where the expectation for growth are steeper and steeper, the more impossible it is to meet the standard. >>reporter: everyone agrees it is time for new law but there are so many disagreements about how to revise the law that congress has been unable to make the necessary changes. that's why 39 states are now asking for waivers until the law is changed. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. what a difference a day can make. we told you how thieves stole donation from the middle school band in vallejo yesterday. today we have a heart warming up toit update to the story. students received the money become 4 fold collecting a little more than 3,000 dollars donation from good samaritan who heard about what happened. money used for new instruments and yawn forms. those thieves however still have not been caught. the republican presidential
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candidates delivered the closing argument in the financial debate of the year in iowa tonight. everyone tried to whistle away at the credibility and the lead of gingrich before the iowa caucus on january 3rd. karen has the story. >>reporter: tonight the republican contenders kicked off their closing arguments. >> prettytive. i know what it takes to get this economy going. i hope i am the tim tebow of the iowa caucus. probably anybody up here could probably beat obama. >>reporter: it was the final debate before the iowa caucus and each candidate showed a sense of urgency that the clock is running out. >> rae form right now. >>reporter: when he was the front runner romney got nearly dozen debates unscathed by focusing on president obama. he's no longer in the lead but he tried that strategy again tonight. >> how did you do running general motors as the presiden president? i believe to create jobs it helps to have created jobs. >>reporter: gingrich wants to ride the front runner momentum
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straight to the caucus on january 3rd. recently the record as conservative has come under fire from his former colleague ins the house and from conservative pundit. >> sort of laughable to suggest that somebody who campaign with ronald reagan and with jack kemp and 30 year record of conservatism is somehow not a conservative bi-but continued attack from bachmann and santorum and love to steal away conservative support from beginning richlt i have never changed my position because of any type of payment. i was a national figure doing just finance. >>reporter: for the second consecutive debate romney didn't aggressively go after newt but he certainly had help from the rest of the field. that may wind up working better for romney than if he had done the dirty work himself. this is abc news, washington. barry bonds. coming up. the slugger has a court date tomorrow and it could affect the rest of his life wlichlt
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pg&e feels it's safe to crank up the pipeline pressure this winter. >> i'm in the accu-weather forecast center. a little chill tonight. a little warm-up tomorrow. details in the accu-weather forecast coming up. and no snow at lake tahoe. tonight how long the dry spell is likely to last. >> plus parking wars. how to find the perfect spot this >> plus parking wars. how to find [ male announcer ]his citibank's new app for ipad
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easier banking. standard at citibank.
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>> california public utility commission today gave pg&e permission to boost the pressure in the gas lines. utility was ordered to drop the pressure after the san bruno explosion last fall and test several underground lines for signs of potential rupture. p uc today said it is satisfied that pg&e has demonstrated the lines could be used safely. pg&e says it will now be able to meet the winter demand for heating fuel. former giants slugger barry bonds will be sentenced tomorrow for his conviction on federal charges of obstruction of justice. federal prosecutors have asked the judge to sentence him to 15 month ins prison. bonds lawyers want probation saying the government call for prison tim is unfair and unwarranted. jury convicted bonds on single charge last april because of his evasive answers he gave the grand jury about his use of designer steroids. same jury deadlocked on 3 perjury counts.
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we will bring the sentence on the air and on line the moment it happens tomorrow. well the rain this morning quickly give way to clear skies here and at lake tahoe. beautiful shot from the mountains. ministorm dropped only 2 inches of snow leaving many ski slope practically bar bare. an as jeff explains, that's certainly not what ski resorts are hoping for. >> small army of snowplow tring and down highway 80 through blue canyon. just not that much to plow. tires have no trouble gripping the road. the air not cold enough to make things slick. still truckers ease off on the gas even though chains not required on this da day. >> slow down a little bit. someplaces it's just wet roads. been pretty good. >>reporter: what hasn't been good is the amount of snow fall over the past few weeks for the ski resorts. before this storm
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this is how it looked at north star tahoe. you can see dirt poking through the snow along some of the runs. and larger spots of dirt near the chair lifts. it's the same story at other ski resorts including sugar bowl heavenly and boreal. ski resort workers were really hoping this storm was going to pack some form of a punch. in fact boreal at this time last year was open 100 percent. so far this year, it's only about 50% open. starting friday through the next two weeks the ski resort are expecting to be busy with kids out of the school and family heading up to the mountains before christmas. but that of course hinges on whether family feel a trip is worth the payoff. >> you can probably do some skiing right now but just need better if hit more snow. >> that's jeff reporting from tahoe. spencer is here with our forecast but first lets talk about what is happening up there in tahoe. know snow and no coming soon. >> lack of snow there is the same reason we have lack of
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written here. jet stream generally this time of year the steering current for storms and weather disturbance go further to the south than flowing right now and brings rainstorm through the bay area that become snow storms in the sierra. so far it has been flowing well to the north and the few times it dipped south ward storms have gone on the coast and moved to the south. as opposed to inland. missing sows far. hasn't set up and typical winter pattern we hope it will because we need the rainfall but next week or more we don't see it taking that pattern yet. >> interesting. >> here we good. dry weather. live view from the high definition. east bay camera over in emeryville looking west ward across the bay to san francisco under clear skies tonight clear an crisp for most of the night. now here's a look at the 24 hour rainfall total. we had a little rain this morning. someplaces more than a little. in others just a little. 4/100ths in san francisco but nearly 2/10's and
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quarter inch in mill valley and fairfield third inch rainfall and some wet spot. for the pose part not significant rainstorm for us. we look at temperatures mainly in the 40's although up to 30's in napa and santa rosa. chilly in the north bay and upper 30's in livermore and mountain view chilly at those locations too. balmy spot is antioch with reading of 51 degrees. highlights chilly night breezy over the hills. sunny mild tomorrow and this dry pattern we have now will be with us well into next week. satellite radar composite image shows the passage of the system that brought us early morning rain today. high pressure building in hype it and again the jet stream this morning well to our north and the center of high pressure shifts inland overnight it will produce northeast flow of cool dry air for us and breezy conditions overnight and in the early morning hours mainly over the hills and it will be dry of course. so low pressure tonight. drop into the low mid 30's in parts of the north bay like napa and santa rosa. mid
9:19 pm
upper 30's in the inland east bay at livermore, concord and upper 30's down at morgan hill and san jose. chilly in someplaces then tomorrow loving day shaping up. sunny skies and relatively mild c c conditis for december 16th. high to 60 degrees in virtually every location there on the peninsula upper 50's to low 60's tomorro tomorrow. see 58 degrees at san mateo o. 60 at brent wad city. 61 at pal palt and mountain view and 57 at half moon bay and downtown san francisco high of 57 tomorrow. 55 in the sun set district. up in the north bay relatively mild all across the region there. 59 degrees san rafael. 61 calistoga and novato. 62 at this area and oakland probably top out at about 60 degrees. inland east bay upper 50's. 58 concord. danville. dublin. 59 at please an top and near monterey bay high of 62 at
9:20 pm
rockville and low 60's inland as well. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast and we expect 7 consecutive dry days. relatively mild through the weekend into early next week and next wednesday by the way marks the official arrival of winter. winter solstice occurs at 9:30 p.m. next wednesday. winter hereunder dry and mild conditions. no rain and no major drop in temperatures in sight. >> all right great explanation on why we are not getting storms thanks. >> as we continue tonight, no that is not santa coming out of this chimney. just ahead how a teenager got into a wee bit of this chimney. just ahead how a teenager got into a wee bit of troubl
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or creates another laptop bag, or hires another employee, it's not just good for business. it's good for the entire community. at bank of america, we know the impact that local businesses have on communities. that's why we extended $13.2 billion to small businesses across the country so far this year.
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because the more we help them, the more we help make opportunity possible. >> young man from stockton learned a couple important life lessons today. one the consequence of breaking curfew.
9:24 pm
jim reports, 2, reminder this holiday season that chimneys are best left to santa. >> patrick was one of the stockton firefighters called to the scene. he wasn't sure until he got here the call was even legit. >> there was some speculation on our part that, you know, it could be a false alarm. but we never know what we are going to get to until we get there. >>reporter: but it was the first for him. for his bosses. for me. i have been doing this for 30 years. man was definitely stuck. way down that chimney. his feat were dangling just above the floor. >> there's a gentlemen who lives in the house. his account was that they heard him yelling early this morning. basically help me. help me. >>reporter: brick were his peeled away and the aenl 18-year-old finally pulled to safety. firefighters gather young man missed curfew last night this was his attempt to get back in the house.
9:25 pm
>> i told me he was only in there for 20 minutes but apparently he was in there for quit a bit longer, i think. >>reporter: 18-year-old was not talkative and apparently anxious for a shower. family members also didn't answer many questions. it's really quite remarkable what santa pulls off each year. chimney not meant to be entrance. >> it's about 12 by 14 inches. this one is actually fairly roomy as chimneys go. >>reporter: roomy for the first several feet. it's the last couple where things get sticky. >> tim reporting. tough spot for the kid to be in obviously. >> when we continues here tonight arizona sheriff arpaio known for tough stand on illegal immigration the judges say his actions are not only inappropriate but illegal. >> last chance to get your stuff back. thief keeping what she stole. >> huge field of floating debris making its way to our
9:26 pm
west coast. the first garbage from japan tsunami may have begun washing ashore. >> lay away angel granting christmas wishes. another half
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no exclusions. with jcpcash get $10 off when you spend just $25. storewide. unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get $10 off with... exclusions. we make christmas affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney. >> good evening once again. man who has become the national symbol of getting tough on illegal immigration was slammed today by the u.s. government. it said that arizona sheriff joe arpaio and his office deployed abuse, retaliation and discrimination against hispani hispanic. the sheriff responded late today. >> don't come here and use me as the whipping boy for a national, international problem. >>reporter: more on all of this tonight from abc thomas.
9:30 pm
>> i'm an eco-opportunity law enforcement and i lock everybody up. >>reporter: blunt talk. you do something wrong you lose your privileges and punished for it. hero to hard liner across the nation for pursuit of illegal immigrant. >> i have a zero tolerance. >>reporter: old school. made inmate wear stripe and good measure pink sock and pink underwear but today following a 3 year investigation the justice department was blunt. claiming the maverick sheriff. >> engages in pattern and practice of unconstitutional policing. specifically engage ins racial profiling of latino and unlawfulfully stops detains and arrests latino. >>reporter: federal prosecutors say in his county latino drivers up to 9 times more likely to be pulled over for traffic stop. latino inmate who didn't speak english were punished. even denied access to medical care. people oppose to the department policies were fruently arrested and jailed for no reason. in one case a latino
9:31 pm
man who was a legal u.s. resident locked up for 13 days for not having a driver's license. arpaio inmate claim abusive conditions for years. >> this is wrong. food we eat is disgusting. it's more like a concentration camp than anything else. >>reporter: today he remained defiant. >> if they are in the happy i guess they can carry out their threat and go to federal court. i'll be gd to see them in court. that's when you can get all the facts out in a court of law. >>reporter: l 90 year old former ss assassin began life sentence for killing 3 dutch civil i don't know during world wore 2. he was sentenced last year after confessing to the killings. bore said he had been acting on orders from his superiors. he lost an appeal and despiteçó being in a wheelchair, the court says he's if it to serve his sentence at suitable facility. for pwims of prolific
9:32 pm
burglar this may the last chance to claim their stolen property. if not san francisco police have been ordered bay judge to give it back to the who may have stolen it. sounds strange. a lot of people think so. that is apparently the la law. here's vick lee with the latest on this exclusive repor report. >> off police report documenting the incident. date and time this occurred. and the specific item that was taken please come forward. >>reporter: another chance for victims of convicted burglar gandhi to claim their possession wrist stolen. police confiscated 8 truckload truckloads. some 2000 items when they arrested gandhi and her accomplice valdez in march of last year. so far 39 people have claimed their belongings. investigators showed us what is leleft. 3 to 4 truckloads. for items that remain unclaimed police policy is this. >> if we hold the property that these property for more than 18 months then at that point we
9:33 pm
normally donate the property. we auction it or we destroy the property. >>reporter: but in this case all of those unclaimed items will be returned to the prolific burglar. judge brad street signed the order in january after approving a request by gandhi lawyers. police say they fought it tooth and nail but the hand were tied. >> fought it 11 times. they were trying to prove the fact that tse items were in fact stolen. at the end of the day she still considered in the until proven guilty burp has to lie within us. >>reporter: investigators who cracked the big case say justice has gone awry. burp is on the wrong side. >> she should have to prove that she had legal rate to have this property. >>reporter: but such is law. what police attorneys hope to do now is to further delay gandhi from taking the property. they will good to court tomorrow. to file this motion to the reconsider the order giving burglary victims
9:34 pm
more time to claim their goods. >> we are just waiting l at this moment to see whether or not the victims can identify any of the property. >> she served her sentence of year of couple months and is illegal immigrant from canada now awaiting deportation. if you want to contact police about this case you can call special investigation team at northern police station. number is 4 1 5-61 4-3400. vick lee abc 7 news. >> u.s. government will accept strict new limits on using chimp in medical research. that's after a scientific group that said experiments with hum an closest relative should be a last resort and today the national institute of mental health health agrees saying that science advanced enough at this point that chimp would seldom be needed to develop new immediate. >> jp that's scientist recruiting wild monkey to investigate the radiation levels of the forest around the fukushima reactor. 3 monkey
9:35 pm
outfitted with collar that measure raid ration level while broadcasting the location by xwchl p s. program coordinator says they need how much it's having on wild animal. >> first debris from the japanese tsunami showing up on the west coast. vancouver island spotted it. specifically unusual amounts of bottles an items with asian writing on them. the debris was not expected to reach north america until 2013. but vancouver surf shop owner says more garbage and wood with japan markings showing up outside his back door. >> first 2 letters of the country code so its says j p for sky pan. we have over 50 pieces already which is really, really extraordinary and who knows. it could be coming off boats. could be again from the earthquake in japan. >>reporter: certainly suspicion. first pieces typically light floating on the
9:36 pm
surface. experts say they are a precursor for the heavier items like appliances and remnant of homes. >> biggest i p o since google. turns out there really is billions to be made from farmville cows and crops. >> people paying off lay away balance for complete strangers that is spreading ♪ [ male announcer ] it's easy to see what subaru owners care about. ♪ that's why we created the share the love event.
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>> really eye opening figure we want to pass along. one in 4 children in the bay area goes hungry. you can do something about it. today abc 7 news kicked off the 20th annual share your holiday food drive. here's a look at who is benefi benefitting when you do tonight to the santa clara county food bank. >> when the economy started
9:40 pm
going down a couple years ago and somebody in my position it can be hard. when you have a big family you have a growing teenager boy, you are a boy you are growing you are going to eat. you want to snack. i don't want to cry. i have been very lucky to have the bank help me provide food in my house for my kids to eat. i don't want anyone coming over knowing they are struggling and hungry. with the holiday coming and my daughter birthday it could be very frustrating and hard. i know one thing i'm thankful for is the food bank helping me. we have a traditional thchx giving and christmas dinner. >> the need is so graichlt you can start donating now when you text the word feed to 800 77. give 10 dollars doing. that or call 1-800-5 1 5 17 19. if you
9:41 pm
feel more comfortable doing it that way. generosity has already raised more than 17,000 dollars tonight. so let's keep it going. thank you. from nebraska to michigan to iowa and montana. anonymous donors across the country playing santa by paying off stranger lay away accounts at k-mart. chris looks at how the acts of kindness spread at one store in indiana. >>reporter: something so rare happened in this indianapolis super k mart store even long time employee were his in disbelief. >> she said she had money. she wanted to make christmas happy. it was just like angel just dropped out of the sky. >>reporter: middle age woman who walked that the store and then to the lay away department with the singular purpose. to make the holiday better for as many people as she could. and she did. >> i took out my credit card to pay my minimum balance l. she said don't pay that. i'm going to pay it for you.
9:42 pm
>> i love my new cash region stishtion unidentified woman payed off her 200 dollar christmas toy lay away balance. along with over 50 other shocked customers. one after the other. from 10 dollar balances to nearly 800 dollars. but according to store employees she wasn't finished after leaving lay away. she started walking throughout the store handing out 50 dollar bills to whoever she saw. and then went to a check out lane and payed for 400 dollars worth of toys. she told sobbing store customers to pass along the kindness in the name of her late husband. >> i said what can we do. for you. she said the only thing you can do for me is to give back. >>reporter: for this woman her 4 children have their presents on christmas day this year. and 8-year-old one couldn't be happier. >> i was saying thank you so much that she, she did this for us. i can't blythe. >>reporter: 3 hours and thousands of dollars later she
9:43 pm
walked out and drove away. >> dropped in our store last night. tl. >>reporter: how is that for holiday spirit. that is chris profit reporting. >> more to bring you. mile high match making. airline where passengers choose their seat mate through facebook. >> cracking the code. mathematical solution to finding a parking space this mathematical solution to finding a parking space this holiday season. i'll be back ♪ [ female announcer ] this time of year you have a lot of festive meals. and safeway helps make every holiday meal a special occasion. so you can make all of your gatherings, just as merry as can be. get a boneless beef loin ny strip roast for just $4.99 a pound.
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>> if you look for a high paying job, look no further than your i-phone. that's according to the silicon valley business journal. mobile developers who can create app for smart phones and tablet are among the most sought after employee in silicon valley. starting salary expected to top
9:47 pm
122,000 dollars in 2012 because it is so difficult to find the right talent. >> san jose ballet says the show will go on. they unveil the program early in january. company is not commenting on the delayed opening which led to speculation that the season had to be cancelled. more on the headlines in the print edition of the silicon valley business journal. >> san francisco base singe a largest maker of games for facebook web site and late word today is that it has raised 1 billion dollars in its initial public offering. developer of games such as cityville, farmville and mafia war sold 100 million shares for 10 dollars each. that puts the valley of the game maker at about 7 bill bucks. starts trading tomorrow under the symbol znga. >> in the mean time facebook is part of a first match making program of its kind by an airline. dutch airline klm has
9:48 pm
modern day solution to avoid sitting next to the chaty traveler or the big drinker. passengers share the facebook or link in profile with the rest of the flight passengers and then choose their own seat mate based on whoever seems to be the best match. l they say the idea could spread to all airlines. spencer always an excellent seat mate on an airplane back with the forecast. fichlts hoping would you say that. didn't have to pay much to say it. time lapse view from south beach camera lacking out over the bay this afternoon we have breaken clouds manufacturing in the rainfall and fewer fewer clouds and more and more blue sky. lots of blue sky state wide tomorrow from top to pwop. nice pleasant dry day as in the bay area with high pressure in the upper 50's to low 60's. very pleasant weather for december 16. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. dry pattern. unusually dry
9:49 pm
pattern issued add continues all the way through the 7 day forecast period and by the way, winter officially arrives next wednesday night at 9:30 pacific standard time. >> okay. still spring like. thanks very much expense engineer this is the time of year when we all face the challenge he can of finding the perfect gift. but first we have to find the perfect parking space. circling the lot over and over again is a dreaded ritual of the season. tonight matt explains that he thinks he's cracked the code. >> reporter: with the upcoming weekend prime time for last minute holiday shopping 'tis the season for parking wars. firm. stealing my space. >>reporter: drivers battling for the closest spot. any spot. >> no. no. no. that was my space. >>reporter: everybody has their theory. >> i saw the people coming out of the store. >>reporter: you have a strategy before you find a parking space. what is that. >> pray. >>reporter: parking prodegy say there are sure way
9:50 pm
to beat parking pain. after combing through hundreds of satellite images a consulting firm discovered that space ins the row closest to the mall entrance fill first. so they park directly in front of the door but leave space open on each side so over time it builds kind of a mountain shape. that means picking a spot closer to the end of the bell curve equals less walkin walkinging. another rule. experts say park before you park. mathematical probability says during busy times don't keep driving around. stop near a premium 0spot with 20 spaces in front out of. based on the numbers it's almost certain you will find an open spot in a few minutes. if the strategy holds we should be waiting about 9 minutes for space to open up. still waiting. l theory worke worked. victorious. this is the best spot in the entire mall. probably would have been easier had i just taken the bu bus. matt, abc news, florida mall. >> i don't know if that solved any problems larry is here.
9:51 pm
>> immanuel if i waited 18 minutes how good a spot could i get? park on the sidewalk. >> really? the sharks they have to crack the code remember how to win again. rematch of cal rad o. they beat them 2 nights ago in denver. is this an instant they beat them 2 nights ago in denver. is this an instant replay. sports
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00. oakland mayor kwan on the hot seat again tonight. face-to-face discussion with members of the occupy movement. >> dempd to pull an i-phone ap app. why small business owners say this one is threatening to put them out of business. we have this is stories and more for you at 11 over on channel 7. but mr. beall is here talking about the parking issue. i wonder if they had this technique at the sharks game tonight it would have helped them with parking. >> parking they do a good job at hp pavilion n.problem there issues are on the ice there. shark open the home stand tonight. they need to show some signs of life. question about coach job security are
9:55 pm
starting to pop up now and that is never a good thing. brad and codey getting reacquainted early. here's why goalie don't handle a puck much. he gives the puck to logan. ryan with rebound. 1 nothing sharks. lead at intermission. second, bang bang play and we are tied at 2. go up again. 4-2 in the third. sharks come alive 2 goal in just over a minute and a half. first burns then joe to tie the at 4. patrick just 64 moments ago and the sharks now leading 5-4 in the third period. the niners have the nfc west locked up but the game with pittsburgh is critical. niners need a win to stay in the running for first round play off buy and show they can beat play off caliber teams. smith scramble around in arizona last sunday. cardinals sacked him 5 times. pittsburgh figure to bring the pressure and nippers say they will be ready when the steelers bring
9:56 pm
the heat. >> they basically got to say defense. almost similar guys. so we have to do everything we can. we already seen it last week so we might be a little bit prepared for that. >> thinks one of the things where i am sure both teams come out physical. i know the guys in the locker room will well see what happens but i know it's a physical battle. >> check out. falcons jaguar. matt dumps it off to jones. 29 yards later 7 nothing falcons. that was 4 minutes in. welcome to blaine tonight look out. john had 3 and a half sack in the game. fumble. petitioner's thank you very much. 34 nothing falcons. then ice to white 10 catches for 135 yards and 2 td. falcons embarrass the jaguar. 41 to 14. how do you sell a bowl game that pit 2 team that fired her head coaches with combine record under 500.
9:57 pm
that's the test for the executive director of the craft fight hunger bowl. annual game played at at&t park take place this year on new year's eve. la against illinois. big name schools. but record aside the game is unique. first bowl game ever to be played in a baseball stadium. the only bowl game tied to social initiative fighting hunger. 20 million meals generated then you throw in the topper. oreo coin flip. >> also the first time we have had a big 10 team in the bowl so pack 12 versus big 10. i grew up in the rose bell. it was always the biggest aspiration for a college football team to my in the rose bowl. this is minirose bowl now. so there's a lot of good things about this game. >> heading into the tenth year. this game is generated more than 120 million dollars for the city of san francisco. so it makes an impact. cal no stranger playing at at&t. bea
9:58 pm
bears head south to san diego taking on texas in the holiday bowl. the coach says one of the challenge when off month between the last game and bowl game is try to keep everybody sharp. >> the game isn't for a long long time. so we are not, it's a really important we stay focused. when you have extra time things that you may not try to do because you don't have time during the season, if there were any wrinkle you have time to make sure you get them done. >> tebow mania reached another level. get ready for tea brew. not a new language. it's a denver brewery unleashing a new wine honoring the broncos quarterback tim tebow who doesn't drink alcohol but the bedroom is honoring him any way. 10% alcohol. bars advertisement acknowledge this saying it won't absolve you of any since it may cause to you commit many more. these not
9:59 pm
exactly the tim tebow message. that soup entered keeping with the way i understand it, yvrng that's. >> it's a wine. >> i believe it's a wine. >> or beer. >> i'm not quite sure. >> whole idea is cae. >> marketing. good marketing. raiders game on sunday against the looi on his is sold out. seventh straight sold out game for the silver and black. >> very good. need a win. >> thanks very much. that's this edition of 7 news here at coffee tv 20 for all of us here, i'm dan ashley thank you so much for watching. appreciate your time. hope to see you again in an hour on appreciate your time. hope to see you again in an hour on channel 7. goodbye for now.


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